These are the goldenrods of West Tennessee. Many of the species' ranges just border our area, some species are rarely seen, and just a few cover all 21 counties. The Asterae Lab at the University of Waterloo has great information about each species and how to compare them with others to aid identification.

Someday I'll write up a key to our the meantime, you're on your own!

Solidago altissima Solidago altissima Late-flowering; lacking basal leaves; short-hairy pubescence on the stems and leaves; often has mid- to upper-stem ball galls; throughout West Tennessee [images]
Solidago arguta subsp. caroliniana Solidago arguta var. caroliniana Lower stem leaves tapering abruptly to winged, thin petioles; leaves glabrous, margins sharply serrate; southern West Tennessee [images]
Solidago bicolor Solidago bicolor White-rayed heads arranged in a wand shaped inflorescence; eastern West Tennessee [images]
Solidago caesia Solidago caesia Stems usually bluish and arching; heads occur in small clusters subtended by large upper stem leaves; throughout West Tennessee [images]
Solidago canadensis Solidago canadensis Lacking basal leaves; upper stem leaves narrowly lanceolate, veins sparsely hairy, margins serrate; northern West Tennessee [images]
Solidago canadensis var. hargeri Solidago canadensis var. hargeri TRAIT
Solidago canadensis var. scabra Solidago canadensis var. scabra TRAIT
Solidago curtisii* Solidago curtisii TRAIT
Solidago erecta Solidago erecta TRAIT
Solidago flexicaulis Solidago flexicaulis TRAIT
Solidago gigantea Solidago gigantea TRAIT
Solidago hirsutissima Solidago hirsutissima TRAIT
Solidago hispida Solidago hispida TRAIT
Solidago juncea Solidago juncea TRAIT
Solidago lancifolia* Solidago lancifolia TRAIT
Solidago missouriensis Solidago missouriensis TRAIT
Solidago nemoralis Solidago nemoralis TRAIT
Solidago odora Solidago odora TRAIT
Solidago rigida Solidago rigida TRAIT
Solidago rigida var. glabrata Solidago rigida var. glabrata TRAIT
Solidago rugosa* Solidago rugosa TRAIT
Solidago rugosa subsp. aspera Solidago rugosa subsp. aspera TRAIT
Solidago speciosa* Solidago speciosa TRAIT
Solidago speciosa var. rigidiuscula Solidago rigidiuscula TRAIT
Solidago sphacelata Solidago sphacelata TRAIT
Solidago ulmifolia Solidago ulmifolia TRAIT